Galapagos Islands – The Natural Archipelago in Ecuador


Located in Ecuador, Galapagos Islands are the group of natural islands. This is a good place for anyone who want a natural tour in South America. The Flora, Fauna, Climate and Geology of these islands may surprise things you.

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The Galapagos Islands are a bucket-list destination for good reason: Thanks to a lack of natural predators, friendly wildlife such as playful sea lions and gigantic sea tortoises let visitors get up close and personal. This archipelago of about 19 islands and many smaller islets sprinkled 620 miles off Ecuador’s coast in the Pacific Ocean is a double World Heritage site (both land and sea are protected) and served as the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Each island boasts its own unique landscape, ranging from barren black, volcanic rocks to swaths of white sand beaches melting into gemstone-blue waters.


A trip to the Galapagos Islands will be the journey of your lifetime. Located 1,000 km from the Ecuadorian mainland, the archipelago consists of 13 major islands,5 of which are inhabited.

The Island’s interesting volcanic geology, as well as its rich flora and fauna have been admired and studied by numerous travelers, scientists, and nature-lovers. Scientists are still faced with the mystery of how such a large diversity of species could develop in a remote location like the Galapagos Islands.

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The Island’s interesting volcanic geology

The main reason for tourists and nature lovers to visit the Galapagos Islands is the multitude of animals, freely romping about that are known to most people only from the Discovery Channel.

If you are interested in who first set foot on the islands -whether it was the Incas, refugees, pirates or seafarers – find out more about the human history of the Islands. Speaking of men on the Islands, Charles Darwin, was one of the first to visit as he was fascinated by the natural history of the archipelago. His five-week stay gave him the impetus to develop his famous Theory of Evolution.

The Galapagos Islands are blessed with pleasant weather all year round, so there is no “best” time to visit the precious islands. However, you may consider factors such as high season vs. low season and the climate. Whether the trip is for yourself, your group, or your family, check out when to go to the Galapagos Islands.

Travel and have the journey of your lifetime amidst playful sea lions, elegant albatrosses, fiery red Sally Light-foot Crabs, and sneaky Frigate birds.

Frigate birds

The Galapagos Islands will undoubtedly affect you deeply. Travel once and feel the best of these islands. You will never forget the beauty of the nature there.