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Some beautiful places to visit


When you wan to take a Nepal tour, you cannot miss its capital - Kathmandu. This is a paradise for adventure lovers and thrill seekers, this is a lively city in a valley surrounded by jungle and four huge mountains.

An agglomeration of 16 distinct towns, Manila tourism offers many hidden treasures if you look beyond the urban sprawl.
Con Dao island

Over some decades of war, Vietnam still remain many beautiful historical sites, Con Dao island is one of them, this island contains one of the most notorious prisons in Vietnam. However, nowadays, this place is also famous for its beautiful scenes.

In Japan, Hokkaido island has been a famous tourist island for a long time, this island is not only famous for the natural beauty, but also the friendly people. So much reasons make Hokkaido the good destinations in Japan.
Cristo Redentor

Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue is one of 7 new wonders of the world, located in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most eventful cities in Brazil.
Table Mountain

Table Mountain, located in Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the 7 new wonders of the world. Visit this destination, you can enjoy numerous trails with amazing views.

Introduction Formerly known as the Cheju Island, Jeju island is one of the most popular tourist spots in South Korea. The place gathers a lot of crowd...
Iguazu Falls

Overview One of the planet’s most awe-inspiring sights, the Iguazu Falls are simply astounding. A visit is a jaw-dropping, visceral experience, and the power and noise...

Angkor Wat is the most famous ancient temple site in Cambodia, and visiting the ancient Angkorian temples is the reason most visitors come to Cambodia,...
Machu Picchu of Peru

Overview For many visitors to Peru and even South America, a visit to the Inca city of Machu Picchu is the long-anticipated high point of...